My own Special Harlequin

Still in the inking phase, my own version of Harley. Maybe get that @donovanyacuik to colour it.

Pyrography that Hits Home – Egyptian traveller’s leather notebook

With this pyrography leather burn Chris Barrett of AltGuild brought me in to help with a special traveller’s notebook, one, that would illustrate the owners’ travels and her homeland as well. After some initial dialogue we went back and forth on the concepts and came up with a design that we were sure would be appreciated…

Snow Sculptures for 2016

Each year, provided we get enough snow, I pile it up and carve it up for the kids. Ok, two lies right there. We ALWAYS have enough snow, this being Winnipeg and all, and it’s more for me as I don’t let the kids touch/play/near the sculptures till the melt happens. Scroll down to see…

Lesson from Aesop’s Fables

This painting was done for my daughter illustrating one of Aesop’s Fables wherein the character of the book takes every wordly possession, converts it to a large lump of gold, then promptly forgets that they buried it beside this massive well. I think I’d remember which well, but maybe wells were more common in Aesop’s…

The Cheese Stands Alone

I’ve done a painting for each of my kids. This was for my son. We postulated what kind of world would the cheese be the last thing standing? Well a cheesey hell world of course. Acrylic on canvas.

Try the Mango

This was a sketch of a waitress at a restaurant in Osbourne Village from a very long time ago. “Taste the mango, it’s a clever fruit.”, was her menu pick for me.  

Blackburne Gambit

Three pieces of chess done in watercolour. Originally I painted these with the intention of making them into posters for chess tournaments that I was going to in Vancouver back in 1999. I moved back to Winnipeg before they were made so they have sat around, unused, and not looked at for a very long…

Silverback Gorilla

This was done on denim, one of a series of three primates, that was featured at a local art gallery. I went through a phase years back, where I experimented for a summer on alternative mediums.