If you’re going to fight, do it in the cage

I didn’t start out wanting to fight in a cage, I just wound up there. Read along and I’ll tell you how stepping into a cage fight was the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

I Want The Tooth Fairy to Die

I did the math awhile ago. On average kids loses 20 teeth. Multiply that by three kids times the payout the tooth fairy provides. Just so everyone knows, I’m not paying out $300 to the kids tooth fairy account with the $5 a tooth reward other parents are offering. Toonie a tooth. That’s the deal,…

You Won’t Do That Again

I’m a big fan of the parenting style of “you won’t do that again, willya?”. It’s served me well throughout my life with many valuable lessons learned the hard way. For example, no more finger in light sockets (learned that one when I was six) or into car lighters (fourteen) to see if it’s cooled…

MTS Billboard Photoshoot

You may have seen these around the province summer 2014. MTS launched a new campaign that year touting their phone coverage to cottage country. As in many campaigns handled remotely they needed someone to get some shots for a management presentation. Did I mention these were spread around Manitoba? And they needed them THAT DAY…

St-Boniface Museum: A WordPress Theme Design

Working for and with the incredibly talented Brent Toderash I designed this WordPress theme for Le Musee de Saint-Boniface. His beautiful implementation of the sliding menu bar allows the images from the museum to take up as much real estate as possible, which is perfect for this client, as they have a large collection of…

Corporate Portraits

As need arises over the years I’ve donned the photographer’s mantle and taken quite a few corporate style portraits. I’ve found that it’s best to gather everyone for one sitting so the lighting is consistent as well as the size of the person within the frame is relatively the same throughout the company.

Luxury Liner Photos

A day of fine weather produced some nice photos of this almost antique luxury liner for the client. The projects challenges were in finding locations large enough to park a bus and the lighting of the interior with minimal equipment.

South Shore Brewing Co.

Independent craft brewers logo and packaging design from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Logo design, brand definitions, stationary package, along with logo standards were the first phase of this project.

Bath Wear, Books, and Philosophy

I’m not even going to say I follow John’s thoughts on these books, it hurts my head when I try, but every story is worth reading. I did the interior design, layout, and produced the print ready artwork for these two books in InDesign. Laying out long books, fast, is a sign that you’re getting…

Lesson from Aesop’s Fables

This painting was done for my daughter illustrating one of Aesop’s Fables wherein the character of the book takes every wordly possession, converts it to a large lump of gold, then promptly forgets that they buried it beside this massive well. I think I’d remember which well, but maybe wells were more common in Aesop’s…

The Cheese Stands Alone

I’ve done a painting for each of my kids. This was for my son. We postulated what kind of world would the cheese be the last thing standing? Well a cheesey hell world of course. Acrylic on canvas.