Snow Sculptures for 2016

Each year, provided we get enough snow, I pile it up and carve it up for the kids. Ok, two lies right there. We ALWAYS have enough snow, this being Winnipeg and all, and it’s more for me as I don’t let the kids touch/play/near the sculptures till the melt happens. Scroll down to see the sculptures I did this year.

This year the snow cooperated nicely with lots of nice fluffy flakes falling in the span of only two days giving me the time to shovel it up into large piles. One day I’ll have a proper large plywood box to fill and try some larger sculpting.

Oddly, it turned my backyard into a underwater scene with a giant octopus head and a killer goldfish / guppy thing facing our kitchen window. Colour my wife impressed.

Lastly, I’ve had conversations with the St. James school division about coming out and teaching a class in sculpting snow! There’s something that will make me look forward to winter 2016/17.