Sore Hands and the Space to Create


I’m not the type of person to vent about the challenges I’m facing but lately they’ve been slowing down my art pursuits immensely so I’m of the opinion this deserves some thought today.

I’ve moved, as some of you may know, and am busing upgrading the house we moved into. Usually that’s bad enough, but the house we moved out of needed work to make it rentable. Where ever I was the last month I would reach into my toolbox, pull something out, and use it. I had a job for every tool I owned and have had to buy more. And I’m no where near being settled down. The other rental property has needed it’s annual spring tune ups too. A close friend said it well, I’m taming these houses and will break them eventually. I think he meant break in the horse sense and not Mike Holmes manner.

In the process I’ve lost my office space where I used to work with no where lined up for a new office. I’ve carved out a small space for art pursuits but currently it’s completely covered in boxes, materials and, you guessed it, tools of all sorts.

I have a shed being built right now. Once done I hope that alleviates the living space pressure that my whole family is feeling is lacking. At least I’ll have a central space to put the tools.

All this moving and building has done something far worse to me, I’m afraid, in that my hands are constantly sore and cramping up. Arthiritis, probably, and with no end in sight to the work I have to do this summer, I think I’ll be buying the CostCo size Tylenol bottles to manage it. Yeah, and I sliced the webbing between my thumb and finger to the meat. That was fun.

I did manage to letter a few pages of AuroraMan for Jeff, late at night a few weeks ago so was pretty glad I could keep my promise to him for that. That’s been my artistic endeavors for the spring.

Soon I hope to pick up the pen/burner/mouse again and create. Actually, I’m just hoping for the day when I can relax for a few hours and not feel guilty about it. I suppose when you’re geared up as much as I have been downtime does start to feel odd.

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